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Interesting facts about Japanese family car

Family car segment has always been very interesting to all producers. This class of cars must meet many standards. Of course, the most important are rules related to safety. Each company performs hundreds of tests to make sure the car is safe to use. Modern cars have specially designed the front of the car. This part of the car has to amortize the shot, so that most of the kinetic energy received on themselves. This is solved in a way that the sheet metal is bent, the engine falls down, so it will not hurt people in the car.


First of all, family cars have to be comfortable to drive. Children can become very nervous if the ride uncomfortable. Thus, the dampers must be excellent. Seats have to be comfortable, and many models come with seats for children. With the great efforts of the whole community, the number of children died in traffic is drastically reduced.

Japan has a long tradition of family cars. In today’s market the most popular models are: Toyota Mark X, Mazda 6, Honda Accord, Honda Inspire. All of these models are characterized by a strong engine and great mobility.

Power engine in these devices ranges from 150hp to 200hp. Only 20 years ago, the family car had several weaker engines. The reason was that the fuel consumption at that time were higher than today. Also, the big advantage was made in alloy production technology. Today’s family car is a lot easier than 20 years ago.

Japanese cars have always been known for low fuel consumption. Usually, the combined fuel consumption of the listed models ranges from 28 to 34 mpg. This is much better than the family WV models (Passat and Golf for example) or from all US models.


Problems with tax quote in Japan

Many people made question: why Japanese cars are always shorter than 15.4 ft and narrower than 5.9 ft. The Japanese tax system is for much more stringent than in other countries. In Japan, the limit for the higher rates of taxation is described with dimensions of the car and engine displacement. So, in order to pay less tax, it is necessary that the car’s engine has less than 2l. This fact has led to the need to develop models which have a small engine displacement and high power. Only family models which are designed for export come out of these limits.

The model that should lead to new breakthroughs in the market is the 2018 Honda Accord. According to the announcement, it will appear at the end of 2017 years. Why will this model be interesting? First of all, it is because it will have a significantly better mpg than previous models. As we found out, Honda these days cease production of hybrid models of Accord automobiles.

On the other hand, Toyota announced that it will increase its efforts in designing cars with a fuel cell.