My experiences with agencies for renting cars

My hometown is the Ottawa. I am married and have four children. As you can imagine, just this fact, that should take care of many children is quite frightening. However, children are for me a great pleasure. The family is for me the most important thing in life. Another thing that I love are the journeys. We try to travel as often as possible. Most often that are excursions to places that were 100-200 mile away. However, occasional we travel to remote locations. This means that we are traveling by plane. Of course, we try to always travel with the same companies, in order to get the discount.


After we settle in a city, the first thing is to look for the rental car. And here’s the big problem: my family has 6 members. This means that we need a car with three rows of seats. There may be more to come to some problems. The point is that some agencies do not have big cars for rent. In such cases we are forced to rent ¬†2 cars (which is very expensive), or to visit the tourist places with local travel companies.

What is the situation with a car in North America?

I have to commend Canada and the United States. In both countries you can rent big cars very frequent. Most often it comes Chevrolet Traverse or Toyota Sequoia. Sometimes we manage to even find Ford Transit 150 XLT with 9 seats, but this is very rare. In general, It is enough for us that SUV has just 6 seats. I personally love most when we rent a Toyota Sequoia because it has a low fuel consumption. On the other hand, this car has excellent characteristics of engine, so we might have to drive even offroad. This is especially important when you need to visit the beautiful nature. When we go on nature hikes, and sometimes rent a caravan. Usually we go away from the city and stay a few days in nature.

2016 gmc-yukon-interior

The situation with cars with three rows of seats on other continents

As you can imagine, is not very good. In Europe are popular sedan cars. The main objective for all Europeans are low fuel consumption and smaller dimensions because of a problem with parking. In Italy and France, I could not find anything larger for rent than Citroen C4 Picasso. This MPV is excellent, but only in Grand variants. Only this model has three rows of seats. For all the happiness in Marseille on one occasion I was able to find this model and we were very pleased. It is very similar to the American SUV models, and we are especially thrilled that it had dual-zone air conditioning. In Great Britain I once had the opportunity to rent a Lincoln Navigator. We were lucky because the agency had only one copy and it was free for rent.

The biggest problems I had in New Zealand. There in no one agency was not able to find the car that I needed. While it looks on maps that it is a small country, New Zealand is actually very huge. A car is needed if you want to visit all that interesting places. Fortunately, airline tickets are quite cheap. Since we were staying on the northern island, all the local tours we did use a taxi service. For a tour of the south island, we used the plane.

2017 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Review


I think the car rental agencies are not focused on the market of large families. Maybe they should consider that procurement bar after a great vehicle, because in addition to large families, it can happen that  someone appears with a larger company of friends that requires transportation. I hope that with the advent of SUV with low fuel consumption, this problem will be solved.

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